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Borehole Drilling In Cape Town: A Success Story of Water Independence in Constantia


Imagine the frustration of relying on a shared borehole with limited water capacity, uncertain of its availability when you need it the most. This concern faced a customer in a beautiful Constantia estate, Cape Town. However, everything changed when they heard about De Wet’s Boreholes’ borehole drilling services through a friend. Seeking a solution to their water woes, they scheduled a meeting.

The Background Story

The customer had learned about De Wet’s Boreholes’ expertise in borehole drilling from a friend, who had a successful project with them. Intrigued by the positive feedback, they approached De Wet’s Boreholes, hoping for a similar success story for their water needs. In their estate, an existing borehole drilled by someone else posed challenges. It was shared among the body corporate, leading to insufficient water yield for each resident. The customer worried about water availability and capacity, as Cape Town’s periodic water shortages were a constant concern.

Our Unique Approach

During the meeting, De Wet’s Boreholes reassured the customer of their extensive experience and a proven track record in Constantia. They confidently explained that they thoroughly understand each borehole’s potential, setting them apart from other drilling services. Their unique approach involved a well-designed and personalized solution for the customer. Emphasizing water independence, they aimed to end reliance on the shared borehole and the body corporate.

From Quotation to Independence

Impressed by De Wet’s Boreholes’ knowledge and commitment, the customer accepted their quotation without hesitation. With the green light given, De Wet’s Boreholes immediately commenced the borehole drilling project.

A Remarkable Result

As they drilled and explored beneath the surface, De Wet’s Boreholes’ expertise proved invaluable. They discovered a bountiful water source exceeding the customer’s expectations. This newfound water abundance allowed the customer to bid farewell to the shared borehole and embrace water independence.

A Comprehensive Solution

"Borehole Drilling In Cape Town - Bespoke Water Storage System Installed by De Wet's Boreholes in Cape Town."

De Wet’s Boreholes’ support didn’t end there. They designed and installed a bespoke water storage system, ensuring a reliable water supply even during dry spells.


In Constantia, Cape Town, a transformation occurred – a customer’s water availability concern turned into a tale of water independence. De Wet’s Boreholes’ services, backed by years of experience and a unique approach, made all the difference. With newfound security and self-reliance, the customer now enjoys abundant water supply on their terms. At De Wet’s Boreholes, they take pride in empowering customers with sustainable solutions. Borehole drilling can offer the same peace of mind to anyone, be it a residential estate or an individual property, experiencing the magic of water independence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can borehole drilling help me achieve water independence?

Borehole drilling taps into underground water sources, providing a self-sustaining water supply, independent of municipal sources.

  1. Is borehole water safe for everyday use?

Borehole water is generally safe for various purposes, including drinking, but it is essential to have it tested for quality and safety.

  1. Can I save money with borehole water?

Absolutely! By reducing reliance on municipal water, substantial savings on water bills are possible.

  1. How do I know if my property is suitable for borehole drilling?

De Wet’s Boreholes experts conduct thorough assessments to determine borehole drilling feasibility on properties.

  1. What sets your borehole drilling services apart from others?

At De Wet’s Boreholes, their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of local water sources enable tailored solutions, ensuring successful and sustainable borehole projects.
Borehole Drilling In Cape Town can transform water situations, just as it did for a satisfied customer in Constantia. Discover the joy of water independence with De Wet’s Boreholes’ professional borehole drilling services.


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    • Unleash That Water Source: Your Path to Water Independence with De Wet’s Boreholes – Borehole Drilling In Cape Town.

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