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How to Prime Your Borehole or Wellpoint Pump Introduction In the realm of water supply, borehole and wellpoint pumps play a vital role, providing a consistent and dependable water source. To maintain peak performance, proper priming is imperative. Additionally, priming ensures that the pump is filled with water, enabling optimal function. In this comprehensive guide, […]

Non-Return Valves The Importance of Choosing Quality Non-Return Valves for Your Wellpoint and Borehole Systems Wellpoint and Borehole systems are crucial to the functioning of various operations, including irrigation and water supply. A critical component of these systems is the Non-Return Valve, which prevents backflow and protects the pumps, pipes, and overall system from damage. […]

DAB JETCOM 102M The DAB JETCOM 102M is a well-known pump brand and has found to be used for wellpoints. When it comes to finding and purchasing or installing a pump for use in a wellpoint one can wonder what pump would be sufficient. Would you get a good performance out of it and is […]

A disadvantage of using borehole water is that you cannot use it for every form of consumption such as cooking, drinking, and other domestic uses. Prior to using your borehole water for these domestic purposes, it needs to undergo a series of tests. Based on the results of the tests, certain borehole water purification methods […]

Ah, the age old question that we have been asked about for 32 years now – what is the difference between a wellpoint and a borehole? And which option is best for me? Look no further, we have the answers you need, right here: What is a Wellpoint? Simply put, a wellpoint is determined by […]

Borehole Maintenance Spring has finally sprung… well, kind of. While Mother Nature is still playing games with us in Cape Town, the rest of the country is already feeling the heat of summer approaching. Nonetheless, summer is on it’s way which means that it’s time for that annual borehole maintenance session before you regret not […]