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Where Can You Drill a Borehole? Exploring the Possibilities with De Wet’s Boreholes Borehole drilling, a process shrouded in mystery for many, is the key to unlocking untapped resources beneath the Earth’s surface. At the forefront of this exploration is De Wet’s Boreholes, a specialist drilling company committed to demystifying the drilling process and uncovering […]

How to Prime Your Borehole or Wellpoint Pump Introduction In the realm of water supply, borehole and wellpoint pumps play a vital role, providing a consistent and dependable water source. To maintain peak performance, proper priming is imperative. Additionally, priming ensures that the pump is filled with water, enabling optimal function. In this comprehensive guide, […]

  Comprehensive Guide to Boreholes Exploring Boreholes: A Comprehensive Overview Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide to Boreholes – a valuable resource for understanding the benefits and process of installing boreholes. Moreover, boreholes, also known as drilled wells, have gained popularity for accessing water sources in various applications. At De Wet’s Boreholes, we specialize in providing […]

Borehole Drilling In Cape Town: A Success Story of Water Independence in Constantia Introduction Imagine the frustration of relying on a shared borehole with limited water capacity, uncertain of its availability when you need it the most. This concern faced a customer in a beautiful Constantia estate, Cape Town. However, everything changed when they heard […]

Grundfos Water Pumps: Ensuring Efficient Water Distribution Introduction The Grundfos Water Pump is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the way water is distributed and utilized. With its exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, this innovative pump is poised to transform the water industry. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of […]

How often should one service a borehole? How Often Should You Service Your Borehole? Tips and Guidelines If you own a borehole, you know that it’s a valuable asset that requires proper care and maintenance. Regular servicing of your borehole is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. But how often should you service […]

Non-Return Valves The Importance of Choosing Quality Non-Return Valves for Your Wellpoint and Borehole Systems Wellpoint and Borehole systems are crucial to the functioning of various operations, including irrigation and water supply. A critical component of these systems is the Non-Return Valve, which prevents backflow and protects the pumps, pipes, and overall system from damage. […]

De Wet’s Pumps – Pump Service Cape Town De Wet’s is an importer, supplier, and distributor of a wide range of pumps and accessories. With over 30 years of experience in the pump service industry. We deliver pump solutions for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and domestic applications. Did you know that De Wet’s has been installing […]

DAB JETCOM 102M The DAB JETCOM 102M is a well-known pump brand and has found to be used for wellpoints. When it comes to finding and purchasing or installing a pump for use in a wellpoint one can wonder what pump would be sufficient. Would you get a good performance out of it and is […]

De wet’s boreholes has recently become a distributor of Grundfos borehole water products.