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How to Prime Your Borehole or Wellpoint Pump Introduction In the realm of water supply, borehole and wellpoint pumps play a vital role, providing a consistent and dependable water source. To maintain peak performance, proper priming is imperative. Additionally, priming ensures that the pump is filled with water, enabling optimal function. In this comprehensive guide, […]

How often should one service a borehole? How Often Should You Service Your Borehole? Tips and Guidelines If you own a borehole, you know that it’s a valuable asset that requires proper care and maintenance. Regular servicing of your borehole is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. But how often should you service […]

Borehole Maintenance Spring has finally sprung… well, kind of. While Mother Nature is still playing games with us in Cape Town, the rest of the country is already feeling the heat of summer approaching. Nonetheless, summer is on it’s way which means that it’s time for that annual borehole maintenance session before you regret not […]