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This is an article about boreholes in Cape Town and how De Wet’s is a borehole drilling company in Cape Town.

How to Prime Your Borehole or Wellpoint Pump Introduction In the realm of water supply, borehole and wellpoint pumps play a vital role, providing a consistent and dependable water source. To maintain peak performance, proper priming is imperative. Additionally, priming ensures that the pump is filled with water, enabling optimal function. In this comprehensive guide, […]

How often should one service a borehole? How Often Should You Service Your Borehole? Tips and Guidelines If you own a borehole, you know that it’s a valuable asset that requires proper care and maintenance. Regular servicing of your borehole is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. But how often should you service […]

This is an article on borehole drilling in cape town. In the drought many boreholes were drilled in Cape Town. De Wet’s a market leader in borehole drilling in Cape Town continues to offer their outstanding service to date in borehole drilling services