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Comprehensive Guide to Boreholes

Exploring Boreholes: A Comprehensive Overview

Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide to Boreholes – a valuable resource for understanding the benefits and process of installing boreholes. Moreover, boreholes, also known as drilled wells, have gained popularity for accessing water sources in various applications. At De Wet’s Boreholes, we specialize in providing top-notch services, ensuring you achieve the best from your water source. Let’s delve into the world of boreholes!

What is a Borehole and How Does it Work?

A “borehole” is a drilled well that taps into underground water sources. It offers a consistent and dependable supply of water. Additionally, it’s an ideal choice for residential, agricultural, and commercial needs. Unlike surface water sources, boreholes are less susceptible to contamination, although water quality can vary.

The Borehole Drilling Process: From Site Assessment to Pump Installation

Site Assessment for Borehole Placement

Before we begin the borehole drilling process, our experts must conduct a meticulous site assessment. They use geophysical surveys to pinpoint the optimal location for borehole installation. Furthermore, they carefully evaluate factors such as geological formations, water table depth, and potential obstacles.

Borehole Drilling Techniques and Depths

We initiate the drilling process by employing specialized equipment. We drill a borehole deep into the ground until it reaches the aquifer, which is the water-bearing layer. Depths may vary depending on the location. Additionally, we use various drilling techniques to achieve the desired results.

Casing and Screen Installation for Borehole Integrity

We install a casing and screen to prevent borehole collapse and maintain water source integrity. Typically, we construct casings from PVC or steel, while screens facilitate water flow and keep debris out. Consequently, this ensures the efficiency of the borehole system.

Pump Installation: Ensuring Efficient Water Extraction

We install a submersible pump for water extraction in boreholes. Our experts choose the most suitable pump based on borehole depth and the desired water flow rate. Additionally, they ensure optimal performance by selecting the right pump.

Advantages of Boreholes: Independence, Savings, and Sustainability

  • Independence from Municipal Water: Boreholes provide an independent water source, reducing reliance on municipal supplies. Consequently, boreholes guarantee a consistent water supply even during shortages.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Over time, boreholes can significantly reduce water bills, offering long-term cost savings. Moreover, this cost-efficiency makes boreholes an attractive water source option.
  • Sustainability: Boreholes are a sustainable water source, minimizing the environmental impact of water consumption. Furthermore, sustainable water use is essential for our planet’s future.
  • Increased Property Value: Properties with boreholes often have higher market value due to added convenience and resource independence. Consequently, this can be a valuable investment for property owners.

Maintenance and Water Quality in Borehole Systems

Maintaining borehole systems is crucial to ensure their longevity and water quality. We strongly recommend conducting annual inspections, including checks on the pump, casing, and water quality. Additionally, these inspections help maintain optimal system performance and water quality.


In conclusion, boreholes offer a reliable and sustainable water source. At De Wet’s Boreholes, we excel in drilling and maintenance, ensuring long-lasting access to water. If you are considering boreholes for your property or business, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional guidance and services. By choosing De Wet’s Boreholes, you are making a wise investment in a sustainable future with a consistent water supply. Say goodbye to water shortages and high bills—make the switch to borehole water today, understanding that water quality may require additional treatment based on local conditions.



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