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Take a moment and think about what life would be like without water. If you have thought about it, you would have most likely concluded that life on earth would not be as it is now. All living organisms need water to survive, whether its animals, plants, or human beings. 

The drought of the century

South Africa, particularly us in the Western Cape, has gone through a series of droughts, the last drought that we had having been reported the worst drought in 1000 years. It didn’t only affect households and businesses but severely impacted commercial farmers. This was a scary time for us as it endangered our water security.  

Let’s, however, not forget that we, as a country, keep growing. Our population count never stops rising and this directly affects the country’s potable water source. In Cape Town alone, we are a population of 4 618 000 people which is 94 000 more people than in 2019. In the last three years, the population has grown by 300 000 people and continues to grow. If this is still the case today, taking into account our current population, Capetonians are using approximately 1 085 230 000 litres of water per day.

Boreholes in Cape Town the alternative

You might be wondering what alternative there is to decrease your daily potable water consumption. De Wet’s Wellpoints and Boreholes have been providing customers with an alternative solution to our ongoing water crisis. De Wet’s have been installing wellpoints since 1986 and offering borehole services in Cape Town. The business has grown and specialises in various services to date and the service that is of popular demand is borehole and wellpoint drilling. We have drilled many boreholes in Cape Town over the years and have easily drilled deeper than 100m to source borehole water. Our borehole drilling services in Cape Town have helped many gain a second water source.

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De Wet’s Boreholes offers the following services:

  • Installation of wellpoints and boreholes
  • Maintenance of wellpoints and boreholes
  • Rehabilitation of boreholes
  • Sales, service, and repairs to wellpoint and borehole pumps
  • De-watering
  • Sales, service, repairs, and installation of water storage tanks
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De Wet’s Boreholes – Drilling a borehole in Atlantic Beach Golf Estate, Cape Town


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