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The DAB JETCOM 102M is a well-known pump brand and has found to be used for wellpoints. When it comes to finding and purchasing or installing a pump for use in a wellpoint one can wonder what pump would be sufficient. Would you get a good performance out of it and is it a quality product.

Well If you are ever wondering what pump to purchase or install and the DAB JETCOM 102M was a pump that you had in mind. Contact us at De Wet’s Boreholes first and we will gladly assist in steering you in the correct direction.

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For further information on the DAB JETCOM 102M, read below :



The is a self-priming surface pump with a superb suction capacity, even with the company of air bubbles. This pump is also suited for pumping water that contains low levels of impurities such as sand. These pumps are best used for commercial services and small industrial services as well.



The pump body is in technopolymer and motor support is in die-cast aluminum. The impeller, diffuser, venturi tube, and sand guard are in technopolymer. Stainless steel wear ring. The pump has a carbon/ceramic mechanical seal.



Asynchronous type, closed, with external air cooling. The rotor is mounted on oversized greased-for-life ball bearings, to guarantee low noise levels and to provide the pump with a long life expectancy. The pump has incorporated thermo-amperometric protection and it has a permanently inserted capacitor in the single-phase version. It is recommended to use overload protection for three-phase motor protection.


The DAB JETCOM 102M pump is a DAB product. The DAB website can be found here https://www.dabpumps.co.za/

De Wet’s Wellpoints & Boreholes are distributors of DAB products and for any DAB product related queries or sales you can contact us directly on 021 551 5033 / 021 715 8974 or you can email info@dewetsboreholes.co.za or find our contact page on our website at https://dewetsboreholes.co.za/contact-us/

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