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De Wet’s Boreholes Now An Grundfos Borehole Pump Distributor

De Wet’s Wellpoints and Boreholes, established in 1986 has grown with every passing decade. Other than borehole pump installations, one of the services we offer is the sales of borehole pumps. The excitement we feel announcing that we have become Grundfos distributors is off the charts. Grundfos is the largest borehole pump manufacturer in the world and has been in existence since 1945. With Grundfos, we can supply you with submersible borehole pump products. You might be wondering, what makes Grundfos pumps different from the rest?

Below is a summary of the strength, performance, and efficiency of these specific pumps.

The borehole pump system:

A Grundfos borehole pump system includes a stainless-steel SP submersible pump, a Grundfos branded MS / MMS motor that matches the pump, an electronic motor protection unit, and a remote management system. Items are all available separately.

The Pump:

Grundfos borehole pumps combine the very best materials with superior hydraulic design. They are efficient and reliable and have a wide range of pump diameters and flow rates with high availability.

The motor:

The Grundfos borehole motor is built to match the pump, which makes it reliable, highly efficient, and it keeps costs low. It is also corrosion resistant and has a longer life span, even in rough conditions.

Controls and Monitoring:

By using a motor protection unit or a variable speed drive, you can add functionalities and increase the reliability of the system. The variable speed drive is not just used for speed but the pressure and flow control as well. The protection unit also reduces the need for frequent pump services.

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