Spring Borehole Maintenance – Why is it so Important?

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Borehole Maintenance

Spring has finally sprung… well, kind of. While Mother Nature is still playing games with us in Cape Town, the rest of the country is already feeling the heat of summer approaching.

Nonetheless, summer is on it’s way which means that it’s time for that annual borehole maintenance session before you regret not having it done.

We often get asked why it’s important to do borehole maintenance after the rainy season, and the answer is pretty simple:

Due to the winter rains, most people don’t use their borehole or wellpoint systems during winter. Failure to switch the pump on, even during the winter months, can result in start-up problems in spring.

Airlocks, scale build-up and seized bearings are only some of the problems that can be experienced.

While Cape Town is still experiencing some rainfall, we strongly urge all our clients to book their borehole or wellpoint maintenance before the busy summer season starts. History has shown that as the temperatures start rising, our teams will become busy. This means the sooner you book your borehole or wellpoint maintenance, the quicker we can get your system up and running smoothly.


Before and After Borehole Maintenance

Before and After Photos Showing the Effectiveness of Borehole Maintenance


Borehole maintenance is important as scale build-up in mineral-rich water is very likely. This can prohibit proficient use of the system. During your borehole maintenance service, the pump will be removed from the borehole, descaled, serviced and tested.

Irrigation systems will be tested zone for zone, sprayer heads cleaned, serviced and replaced where necessary. Regular servicing will ensure that you have a trouble-free system.

To avoid the rush, please book your spring borehole and wellpoint maintenance session by completing the contact form below – our team will be in touch with you to finalise the arrangements.


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